WELCOME 2020!!

WELCOME 2020!!

Hi! I am Kalli!

I love cooking, creating, and doing different DIY’s! I am Fashion Designer and Graphic Design student. I try my best to do yoga and meditate everyday. 

There is so much I can say about myself but I don’t want to bore you all since this mainly will be a recipe blog.

For 6 years now I have wanted to start a blog. Why not start the new decade off forgetting about the fears that I have had about starting a blog. 

There will be a few things different than most food blogs you see on the internet. 

– I will not be having big write-ups before the recipe, you may see small write-ups or none.

– All recipes are mine and have been made by me more than 5 times…When I love a recipe I make it all of the time!

– I try to make recipes as simple and easy as I can. 

I hope you all love my new adventure/blog! 

When you make any of the recipes on my blog please send me a photo over social media and let know how it went for you and if you enjoyed it or not! 

Welcome 2020! It will be my year! Happy New Year everyone!