Little Life Box Review Fall 2020

Little Life Box Review Fall 2020

Little Life Box is a Canadian health-based subscription box. Every box is vegan friendly. You’ll receive 8-12 items (snacks, wellness products, beauty and more). Each box is valued at a minimum of $80 including shipping. You can sign up to receive a box for a one time purchase or annually (4 Boxes).

Cost in CAD: $45 per season | $40 per season (annually)

Shipping: Free – Canada only

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LaRitzy – Liquid Beam Multipurpose Illuminator

Meet Liquid Beam, a game-changing multi-purpose liquid illuminator.  The intense dose of fine pearlized shimmer will have you glowing all day. Designed to be versatile, Liquid Beam can be used in endless ways. Blend it into the high points of your face as a highlighter, use it on your eyelids, as a liquid eyeliner or mix it into a matte eyeshadow to create a brand new, creaseless metallic shadow.


– Paraben-free, BHT-free, BHA-free, Phthalate-free, Cruelty-free, Vegan

Price: $29 *CAD conversation at the time of package received ($22 USD)

Bach Original Flower Remedies Rescue Plus – Mixed Berry Lozenge

Developed to help you smoothly navigate the twists and turns of a hectic lifestyle, RESCUE PLUS™ Lozenge with Rescue Remedy plus Vitamins B5 and B12, helps you stay on top of your day, no matter what life throws your way. Each liquid-center lozenge delivers important B Vitamins, with the same five natural flowers found in RESCUE® products. 

– Natural Product Number, Sucrose-free


Price: $7.99

Estate Cosmetics – Eye Shade

Our shadows are buttery-smooth, super blendable and pigment-packed. They apply like a dream and come in bold shades for eye-catching looks.  For a cool monochromatic look, blend all over your lid and up toward your brow bone using a fluffy eyeshadow brush. Finish off the look by smudging a little along your lower lash line with an angled eyeliner brush.


– Cruelty-free, Paraben-free

Price: $13.18 *CAD conversation at the time of package received ($10 USD)

MBM Home & Life – Face & Body Toner

To use: after sun exposure or over heated complexion to cool and calm your skin. great after-care for any spa treatment (i.e. hair removal) this product is safe for body and hair, infused with vitamin e, essential to healthy skin production and skin elasticity.

– Fair Trade, Sustainably Soured, Paraben-free, Sulfate-free, Organic


Price:$12.20 (Price based off of a 118 ml bottle)

Jubel Oils – Play Hard Roll On Blend

Our 100% natural aromatherapy roll-ons make aromatherapy easy and accessible. Perfect for those new to the practice, those with on-the-go lifestyles and those who enjoy the convenience of tried and tested blend recipes. Our specially curated therapeutic grade essential oils have been blended in harmonious combinations to alleviate common everyday issues that crop up in busy and hectic modern-day lifestyles. Each roll-on is infused with a unique mix of essential oils with long histories of use based on unique properties and abilities to heal, rejuvenate and revitalize the body and mind.


Price: $27.67 *CAD conversation at the time of package received ($21 USD)


Vivoo is a wellness assistant that consists of urinalysis test strips and a mobile application which gives personalized nutrition advice based on your urine sample. 

Vivoo uses your body’s data to encourage you to make healthier choices by translating your results into customized wellness advice and weekly ratings of different parameters. 

Vivoo’s wellness tips tell you which food is needed by your body. Vivoo offers a new perspective to sustain a healthy lifestyle by helping you understand your body’s needs. It is easy to use and adaptable to your daily life.


Price: $8.24 *CAD conversation at the time of package received ($6.25 USD)

Ethical Bean Coffee – Lush Medium Dark Roast

Ethical Bean roasts only the best Fairtrade certified organic coffee. As a company they pride themselves in being both just and better in everything that they do. Whether through programs that respect the earth and its farmers or by leaving a minimal environmental footprint, they are constantly seeking new ways to do the right thing, just better isn’t just their tagline, it’s the standard by which they live and breathe.

– Fairtrade, Organic


Price: $8.99

Simply Protein – Regular and Collagen Bar

Get a daily boost of collagen and protein all in one. Each SimplyProtein Collagen™ bar contains 5g of collagen peptides sourced from grass-fed bovine and 15g of protein. 

– Gluten-free


Price: $1.99 and Collagen: $2.48

Sun-Rype Good Bites – Coconut 

The great taste of simple ingredients shines through in SunRype Coconut Classic Good Bites. Made with the goodness of real coconut for a delicious snack you can feel good about.  Keep this convenient re-sealable pouch on hand for sharing, or tuck it away and save them all for yourself.

– Vegan, No Artificial Colours or Flavours, Nut-free, Gluten-free 


Price: $2.98

Dr. Botanicals – Cocoa & Coconut Superfood Reviving Hydrating Mask 

10-minute magic moisture mask restore your skin naturallyHydrate and Revive, Deep Nourishment, light whipped texture.
– 100% Natural No Perfume, No Chemicals, No Preservatives


Price: $10.96

Box Contents Total: More than $125.68

Savings of $85.68 (annually)  or $80.68 (seasonal) 

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