My name is Kalli, I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba! I am 22 years old, a Fashion Designer, a Graphic Design student, and a home cook.

After I graduated high school in 2016 I went into Fashion Design. I graduated from College in 2017. During that year I learned a lot about the environmental effects that the fashion industry has on this world. I worked in the industry professionally for 2 years which allowed me to travel to New York for the first time and three times after that. (Ps. New York has amazing food! My favourite restaurant there is 44 & X Hell’s Kitchen.) After seeing the cost of what garments were made for, looking more into the way factory workers are treated, and the environment effect of the industry. I decided to change careers since I love creating things. Graphic Design was the next best option. 

I get asked all of the time will you ever go back to the fashion industry…my answer is yes.  One day I want to have a clothing line that is environmentally friendly by having all of the clothing made out of all-natural fibres, so no synthetics. 

You may be asking well why did you start a food blog when you love creating clothes and graphic/digital designs. Well I have an answer for you. For 6 years now I have wanted to start a recipe blog. I love cooking and eating food so I thought why not share all of my wonderful recipes with everyone since my friends and family ask for my recipes. 

There will be a few things different than most food blogs you see on the internet. 

– I will not be having big write-ups before the recipe, you may see small write-ups or none.

– All recipes are mine and have been made by me more than 5 times…When I love a recipe I make it all of the time!

– I try to make recipes as simple and easy as I can. 

Thank you so much for checking out my blog. There are plenty of ways that you can become more involved. If you ever make a recipe of mine please send me a photo over social media. You can subscribe to my email list. You will receive email twice a month, each email will have a recipe on it! 


Kalli Vera